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Expertail will provide you with a deep expertize in all your eCommerce operations, no matter if you are looking for initiation of your online selling activities, or for optimization and improvements of your current projects. We are also able to help you with creation and implementation of your Digital Brand Strategy, and with the Multichannel deployment on a global scale in highly localized manner.

Digital Strategy

With our help, you will be able to increase your online visibility, and your brand’s online presence and reputation. This will result in increased turnover, and increased profitability of your operations. Our years of experience in this field will ensure that your brand is present on a global scale, with a focus on geographies that you prioritize.

Online Store Management & eCommerce Consultancy

With our management of your online stores, you will be able to boost your presence, and achieve constant growth of sales, year-to-year. This is achieved through periodical audits of your storefront performance, and constant optimization of your eShop on both tactical and strategic level.

Multichannel & Omnichannel Strategy

In order to make your operations successful we will help you create a synergy between your online and offline resources and deploy them on a global scale with the maximum customization. This includes creating a sales strategy for Multichannel funnels, with end-to-end Multichannel deployment, as well as global and channel specific user experience.

User Experience

We will help you create complete bespoke seamless offine and online user journeys. This includes a detailed customer relationship programs that will increase your brand’s authority, and devising the user engagement strategies that will result in activity and sales increase.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our expertise includes the digital marketing strategy that will help you increase the brand awareness, increase the brand exposure, and improve the brand authority. The options we can provide in this segment include everything from search engine optimization (SEO), PPC campaigns, social media optimization, and social media campaigns execution, to newsletter campaigns, promotions, customer loyalty programs, and much more!